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Spelling Bae is the beginner-friendly spelling bee that has been entertaining organizations at office socials since 2015. A great way to amp up the team, Spelling Bae brings people together to stimulate their minds, celebrate language, and most importantly, have fun.


Winning Contestant Spells “Abattoir”
The Ossington, January 2018.



As Featured On


Toronto Mayor John Tory (Third Place)
Pennies Bar, October 2018.


What’s Involved?

Spelling Bae is simple! A good old-fashioned spelling bee, it takes roughly 60-90 minutes for the recommended range of 15-30 contestants and involves very little set-up. A mic, a podium, and you’re good to go! Each elimination round is trickier than the last and the remaining contestant wins!

About the Organizer

Spelling Bae was founded in 2015 by writer and editor Eli Burnstein. Eli’s hosting style is approachable, witty, and light, making it easy for even the shyest of spellers to take the mic and let ’er rip!


Wanna learn more? Give us a shout at events@spellingbae.com.